Every year, the Boston Chapter of the IEEE Power and Energy Society presents the following awards to recognize the outstanding achievements and efforts of our member:

  • Outstanding Engineer Award (OEA) – This award is presented annually to an individual to recognize outstanding technical, professional and society contributions on behalf of the power engineer profession.
  • Outstanding Young Engineer Award (OYEA) – This award is presented annually to an recognize an engineer 35 years of age or under “for outstanding contributions in the leadership of technical society activities including local and/or transnational PES and other technical societies, leadership in community and humanitarian activities, and evidence of technical competence through significant engineering achievements.”
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award (OVA) – This award is presented annually to an individual to recognize a PES volunteer for outstanding engagement in support of PES Boston Chapter programs.

These awards will be presented at our Annual Banquet which will be held on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Previous OEA and OYEA Awards:

The IEEE Power & Energy Society, Boston Chapter, recognizes important technical, educational and service contributions by our members. We are pleased to present two special awards to deserving individuals each year.

2016 Winners

Outstanding Engineer Award - 2016 (OEA)
This year, the Outstanding Engineer Award (OEA) was awarded to Babak Enayati, for dedicated leadership as the Chair of the PES Boston Chapter, Chair of the PES General Meeting Boston Local Organizing Committee, and Vice Chair of the IEEE 1547 Working Group.
Outstanding Young Engineer Award - 2016 (OYEA)

The Outstanding Young Engineer Award (OYEA) was awarded to Jessica T. Farrell, for outstanding engineering activities in power system reliability improvements within the New England area.
Outstanding Volunteer Award - 2016 (OVA)

The Outstanding Volunteer Award (OVA) was awarded to Souresh Mukherjee, for extensive and valuable efforts as the Chair of the IEEE PES Boston Chapter Education Committee.

2015 Winners

Outstanding Engineer Award - 2015 (OEA)
This year, the Outstanding Engineer Award (OEA) was awarded to Michelle Ward
Michelle has worked at Doble Engineering Company for 12 years. As a Senior Client Service Engineer at Doble, she provides analytical support and training to over twenty customers in New England and Canada - while also supporting the continued development of Doble’s diagnostic software and Expert Systems. Michelle is Secretary of Doble’s Bushings, Insulators, and Instrument Transformers Committee. She received her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and is a member of IEEE Power Engineering Society. She has authored and co-authored multiple papers for Doble and NETA magazine; including: Power Factor and Temperature Correction for Transformers Filled with Ester Fluids, Transformer Exciting Current Testing Detects a Major Core Failure, Understanding C2 in Condenser Bushings, Discussion of Mike Wolf’s Paper – 50 MVA Transformer Failure, Understanding Insulation Test Results on Transformers with a Grounded Electrostatic Shield
Michelle is a valued member of the Doble team and an asset to the power industry as a whole.

Outstanding Young Engineer Award - 2015(OYEA)

The Outstanding Young Engineer Award (OYEA) was awarded to Matt Robinson to be updated
Matt Robinson, PE is a Senior Engineer for 3C Electrical Company, specializing in power system analysis and design. His experience includes lead electrical design of multi-disciplinary construction projects, project management, and distributed energy facility design. Matt’s expertise in the power industry includes experience with advanced power system analysis including short circuit, load flow, protective device coordination, arc flash hazard analysis, harmonic load flow, motor starting and system modeling. Matt also has experience with the design of relaying and protection systems, emergency generation and uninterruptible power systems, and code/regulatory compliance. Matt received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and his Master of Science in Power Engineering from Northeastern University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts. He is also an active member of IEEE Power Engineering Society and an Adjunct Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Outstanding Volunteer Award - 2015 (OVA)

The Outstanding Volunteer Award (OVA) was awarded to Erica Salk
Erica Salk has been a volunteer with the IEEE Boston chapter for the past year. She worked with members of the LOC for the IEEE PES GM 2016, organizing and contributing to the Technical Tours and the Companion Lounge Activities. Erica has been an employee for National Grid for the past three years, working in the Protection Engineering New England Department. She graduated with a BSEE from Trinity College (CT) and a MSEE from Brown University and is a Professional Engineer in the state of Rhode Island.

2014 Winners

Outstanding Engineer Award - 2014 (OEA)
This year, the Outstanding Engineer Award (OEA) was awarded to Susan Soergel for inspiring leadership and invaluable guidance in achieving outstanding chapter performance, and the initiation of student chapters in Boston area.
Susan obtained her B.A. degree from Mount Union College, B.S. & M.S. from the Tulane University, M.B.A from Babson College.
Susan is a lead engineer in substation technical group at Eversource Energy. She chaired the IEEE PES Boston Chapter from 2012-2015. Boston Chapter received outstanding chapter award, Large Chapter Award and also Won the PES Website contest during her time as chapter chair. Susan played a prominent role in initiating new PES student chapters under Boston Chapter.
Congratulations, Susan, for doing your part to help PES Boston Chapter excel.
Outstanding Young Engineer Award - 2014 (OYEA)

The Outstanding Young Engineer Award (OYEA) was awarded to Betty M. Grabauskas for outstanding and engaging contributions to the mission of the IEEE PES Boston Chapter Executive Committee, particularly its social aspects.
Betty obtained her B.S. degree from Northeastern University and is currently working at Eversource Energy as an Engineer in the System Performance and Reliability Group.
Betty has been an active member of IEEE PES and PES Boston Chapter for many years. Her support for executing the mission of PES Boston Chapter is invaluable.
Congratulations, Betty, for Inspiring the young Engineers.
Outstanding Volunteer Award - 2014 (OYEA)

The Outstanding Volunteer Award (OVA) was awarded to Subhadarshi Sarkar for outstanding , enthusiastic and engaging contributions to the mission of IEEE PES Boston Chapter Technical Meetings Committee”
Subhadarshi obtained his B.S. degree from Bengal Engineering and Science University, India, Ph.D. degrees from the IOWA State University.
Subhadarshi is currently working as a Transmission Planning Engineer at National Grid.
Congratulations, Subhadarshi, for doing your part in successfully organizing the PES Boston Chapter Technical Meetings during 2014.

2013 Winners

Outstanding Engineer Award - 2013 (OEA)
Prof. Ali Abur
This year, the Outstanding Engineer Award (OEA) was awarded to Dr. Ali Abur for outstanding contributions in the area of power engineering education.
Prof. Abur obtained his B.S. degree from Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi, Turkey in 1979, and both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Ohio State University in 1981 and 1985, respectively. He was a faculty member at Texas A&M University until November 2005, when he joined the faculty of Northeastern University as a Professor and Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.
Dr. Abur has been an advisor to 19 PhD’s, 3 current PhD students, and several masters students. Of the 19 PhD students, four of them have accepted teaching positions in the field of power engineering, and the remainder continue to make significant contributions in the industry.He also actively engaged undergraduate students in his research projects through the National Science Foundation Research for Undergraduate programs. Some of these students remained and obtained their M.S. degrees with him as a result of the inspiration during their undergraduate studies.
Congratulations, Dr Abur, for doing your part to keep the pipeline full of highly qualified power engineers.
Outstanding Young Engineer Award - 2013 (OYEA)
Prof. Ali Abur
The Outstanding Young Engineer Award (OYEA) was awarded to Chiranjeevi “Bala” Kotharu for promoting the mission of the PES though formation of the UMass Lowell Student Chapter and dedicated service to the Boston Chapter
Bala received his bachelors degree at JNT University in India, having been named the “Best Electrical Engineering Student in the Class of 2012″. He graduated from UMass Lowell this past spring with an MS in Electrical Engineering, concentrating in Power. Bala has also completed several relevant internships that provided him a hands-on opportunity to learn about wind turbines, generators, motors, converters, and various other key elements in the power system. He is currently working as a co-op at Northeast Utilities.
Bala is receiving this award not only to acknowledge his academic success, but to also recognize his contributions to the PES, both as a webmaster and volunteer at the Boston Chapter, and the Chair at the newly formed UMass Lowell Student Chapter.
Congratulations, Bala, keep up the good work!

2012 Winners

Outstanding Engineer Award - 2012 (OEA)
The Boston PES proudly presented this award to Bryan for his leadership in a very successful rejuvenation of the Boston PES over the past few years.
Bryan Gwyn graduated from the City University of London, UK with a B.S. and PhD in Electronic Engineering. He is currently the Senior Director, Protection & Control Asset Management at Quanta Technology. Bryan has over 30 years of experience in the electric power industry, and held multiple leadership positions at National Grid prior to joining Quanta. He is past Chair of the Boston PES Chapter, which received the 2010 Outstanding Chapter Award under his guidance. Bryan is a member of several Industry Committees including NERC, CIGRE, and IEEE PES. He is a chair of NPCC (Task Force on System Protection), and has published over twenty papers.
Outstanding Young Engineer Award - 2012 (OYEA)
The IEEE Boston Power and Energy Society has bestowed the 2012 Outstanding Young Engineer Award upon Liuxi “Calvin” Zhang to recognize his potential to become a distinguished leader and outstanding contributor.
In 2011, Calvin was the driving force behind the formation of the Northeastern University’s IEEE PES Student Chapter. He obtained the support of the Boston PES Chapter and Dr. Abur to get the student branch officially recognized by the University, helped to form the new executive committee, and assisted the fledgling student chapter in program planning, fund raising and event organization. One of the most successful events was a joint technical meeting on Energy Policy with the PES Boston Chapter and IEEE Boston GOLD. This meeting was carefully organized, well-attended, and featured a pre-eminent expert in the field. Calvin received his BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a concentration in Power Systems.
He recently received his PhD from Northeastern University under the direction of Ali Abur, and is currently employed at Nexant in San Francisco.